Acute Effects of Two Massage Techniques on Ankle Joint Flexibility and Power of the Plantar Flexors

Grant             J.B. McKechnie, Warren B. Young and David G. Behm

The purpose of this study was to determine if three minutes of petrissage and tapotement forms of massage would influence plantar flexors' flexibility, and muscle power. Nineteen participants were randomly subjected either control, petrissage or tapotement applied on the triceps surae. Following completion of the intervention, subjects immediately completed a post- ankle joint flexibility test, a drop-jump and concentric calf raise. The data showed a significant increase in ankle joint angle. No significant change was seen with the power measures.

The results suggest that massage can increase plantar flexors' flexibility without a change in power and thus may be an alternative to static stretching during an athletic warm-up.

Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2007) 6, 498- 504

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