Evaluation of the information needs of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease following pulmonary rehabilitation: a focus group study

Rodgers S, Dyas J, Molyneux AWP, Ward MJ and Revill SM

The authors set out to determine patient information needs and how best to meet them in order to improve rehabilitation provision and aid disease self management. A qualitative research method using focus groups of patients who had completed a pulmonary rehabilitation programme within the previous four months was used. The focus group sessions were recorded and then transcribed verbatim for analysis.

The findings included the desire for a full understanding of the disease for patients, their families and the wider community in general early in the disease process or preferably at the point of diagnosis. The need for individual counseling to help the patients come to terms with feelings of anxiety and frustration, and continued support after the rehabilitation programme with an emphasis on peer group support activities.

Chronic Respiratory Disease 2007; 4: 195 – 203

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