Hip joint range of motion restriction precedes athletic chronic groin injury

Geoffrey M. Verrall, John P. Slavotinek, Peter G. Barnes, Adrian Esterman, Roger D. Oakeshott and Anthony J. Spriggins

The purpose of this study was to report preliminary findings examining whether hip joint range of motion restriction is associated with subsequent onset of athletic chronic groin injury. End-range internal and external hip joint range of motion was determined in 29 elite Australian football players, without previous history of groin injury. The players were followed for two subsequent playing seasons for the development of chronic groin injury. Four athletes developed chronic groin injury defined as at least 6 weeks of groin pain and missing match playing time. In athletes that developed chronic groin injury a lower body weight and reduced total hip joint range of motion were found to be associated. This study suggests that hip stiffness is associated with later development of chronic groin injury and as such may be a risk factor for this condition.

Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 2007, (10(6), 463-466

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