Comparison of Therapeutic Activities With Therapeutic Exercises in the Rehabilitation of Young Adult Patients With Hand Injuries

Umut Guzelkucuk, Iltekin Duman, Mehmet Ali Taskaynatan and Kemal Dincer

The purpose of this study was to compare the efficacy of therapeutic activities that mimick the activities of daily living with that of traditionally used therapeutic exercises in the management of injured hands in young adult patients.  Thirty-six patients having functional loss due to hand injury were allocated randomly into a control group (passive, active assistive, and active range of motion and strengthening exercises in addition to physical modalities for 2 sessions a day) and the study group (same as control group plus 25 activities that mimick activities of daily living (ADL) for 1 session). Treatment continued for 3 weeks, 5 days a week followed by a home program for 2 months. The authors concluded that therapeutic activities that mimick the ADL may be more beneficial than the standard rehabilitation activities in the management of an injured hand.

The Journal of Hand Surgery, 2007, 32(9) , 1429-1435

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Neck Pain

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