Anthroposophic vs. conventional therapy for chronic low back pain: a prospective comparative study.

Hamre HJ, Witt CM, Glockmann A, Wegscheider K, Ziegler R, Willich SN, Kiene H

The purpose of this study was to compare anthroposophic treatment (eurythmy, rhythmical massage or art therapy; counselling, anthroposophic medication) and conventional treatment for low back pain (LBP) under routine conditions.  62 consecutive outpatients from 38 medical practices in Germany, consulting an anthroposophic (A-) or conventional (C-) physician with LBP of >or= 6 weeks duration participated in a prospective non-randomised comparative study.

Analysis showed significant improvements in both groups and after adjustment for age, gender, LBP duration, and education, improvements were still significant in both groups. However, compared to C-patients, A-patients had significantly more pronounced improvements of three SF-36 scales (Mental Health, General Health and Vitality).

The authors conclude that compared to conventional therapy, anthroposophic therapy for chronic LBP was associated with at least comparable improvements.

European Journal of Medical Research, 2007, 12(7), 302-10

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