Does acupuncture work for stroke rehabilitation: what do recent clinical trials really show?

Shiflett, S.C. (2007)

This study reviews a number of recently published randomised controlled trials of acupuncture for stroke recovery, a number of which suffered from methodological flaws which tended to obscure and reduce the reported effect size.  this included inadaquate statistical analysis, failure to adaquately account for baseline stroke severity, and the use of an inadaquate post-treatment assessment period.

This study suggests that when these flaws are taken individually or in combination, under-reporting of acupuncture effects affected five of the papers considered.  It is suggested that by applying adjustments to these results, the author suggests that the effects of acupuncture is probably much more effective in assisting stroke recovery than generally reported, especially in the moderately severe range.

The general conclusion of this study is that there is substatial evidence that acupuncture is effective as an adjunctive treatment for facilitating stroke recovery.

Topics in Stroke Rehabiliation (2007) 14:4 40-58

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