The Immediate Effect of Passive Scapular Elevation on Symptoms With Active Neck Rotation in Patients With Neck Pain.

Van Dillen, Linda R; McDonnell, Mary Kate; Susco, Thomas M; Sahrmann, Shirley A.

The objective of this study was to examine the effect of elevating the scapulae on symptoms during neck rotation.  One physical therapist examined 46 patients with neck pain using a standardized examination. Reports of symptoms were obtained in 2 scapulae position conditions: a patient-preferred scapulae position and a passively elevated scapulae position.  The results showed that passive elevation of the scapulae resulted in a decrease in symptoms with right and left neck rotation in the majority of patients. These findings are important because they indicate that neck symptoms can be immediately improved within the context of the examination.

Clinical Journal of Pain, 2007, 23(8), 641-647

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