Assessment of muscle shortening and static posture in children with persistent asthma.

Lopes EA, Fanelli-Galvani A, Prisco CC, Gonçalves RC, Jacob CM, Cabral AL, Martins MA, Carvalho CR        

The objective of the present study was to determine whether children with persistent asthma present muscle shortening and postural changes. Pulmonary function, muscle shortening and static posture were evaluated in 60 boys. The results suggest that severe asthmatic children present postural adaptations and muscle shortening that seem to be related to disease severity. Those with severe persistent asthma presented with higher protraction          of the head and shoulder, shorterarm flexor and posterior muscle of the thigh and  more limited chest expansion at axillar and xiphoid levels.

European Journal of Pediatrics, 2007, 166(7), 715-21

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