Endurance Exercise Training to Improve Economy of Movement of People With Parkinson Disease: Three Case Reports.

Schenkman M, Hall D, Kumar R, Kohrt WM

In this case report, the effects of endurance exercise training are examined on walking economy and other measures for 3 individuals in early and middle stages of PD.  The patients were 1 woman and 2 men with PD, aged 52 to 72 years, classified at Hoehn and Yahr stages 2 to 2.5. Each patient completed 4 months of supervised endurance exercise training and 12 months of home exercise, with monthly clinic follow-up sessions. Economy of movement improved for all 3 patients after 4 months of supervised exercise and remained above baseline at 16 months. Evidence from these 3 individuals suggests that gains may occur with a treadmill training program that is coupled with specific strategies to enhance adherence to exercise.

Physical Therapy, Oct 2007, online article ahead of print

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