Clinical assessment techniques for detecting ligament and membrane injuries in the upper cervical spine region-A comparison with MRI results.

Kaale BR, Krakenes J, Albrektsen G, Wester K

This study examins whether results from a clinical test of passive mobility of soft tissue structures in the upper cervical spine, corresponded with signs of physical injuries, as judged by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). 122 study participants, 92 with and 30 without a diagnosis of whiplash-associated disorder, were studied. The structures considered were the alar and the transverse ligaments, and the tectorial and the posterior atlanto-occipital membranes. Although results from the clinical test seem to be slightly more conservative than the MRI assessment, the authors suggest that a clinical test can serve as valuable clinical tool in the assessment of WAD patients.

Manual Therapy, Oct 2007, online article ahead of print

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