The effect of taping on the proprioception of the ankle in a non-weight bearing position, amongst injured athletes

S. Spanos, M. Brunswic and E. Billis

The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of taping on the proprioception of the ankle amongst injured athletes, when tested in a non-weight bearing position.  Twenty athletes, who had suffered at least one unilateral Grade I or Grade II ankle inversion sprain in the past volunteered to participate in the study. The Angle-reproduction test in two movement planes (inversion and plantar flexion) and four target angles (10° and 30° of plantar flexion, and 5° and 20° of inversion) was applied to all subjects under two conditions; without tape and with the application of the basket-weave heel lock taping technique. The results showed significant differences between taped and untaped conditions at each target angle.  The authors conclude that adhesive taping seems to improve the ankle position awareness and thus the proprioceptive capability of the ankle in a non-weight bearing position.

The Foot, September 2007, online article ahead of press.

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