Hip strength in collegiate female athletes with patellofemoral pain

H Cichanowski, J Schmitt, R Johnson and P Niemuth

Decreased hip strength has been theorised to contribute to the development of patellofemoral pain (PFP).  The purpose of this study was to test for strength differences of 6 hip muscle groups in college female athletes diagnosed with PFP.  These values were compared to the other non-injured leg and to non-injured sport-matched controls.  Thirteen subjects with PFP were recruited and hip strength was measured using a hand-held dynometer, strength values were normalised to body weight.  The results showed that the abductors and external rotators on the injured side were significantly weaker than the non-injured side.  Injured legs were significantly weaker in 5 of the 6 muscle groups tested when compared with the control group.  The authors concluded that assessing hip strength and addressing any weakness should be an important part of management of female athletes with hip pain.

British journal of Sports Medicine (2007), 41, S1, 47-51

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