Healthy adults can more easily elevate the pelvic floor in standing than in crook-lying: an experimental study.

Kelly, M., Tan, B.K., Thompson, J., Carroll, S., Follington, M., Arndt, A. and Seet, M (2007)

This study aimed to consider whether there are any differences between the displacement and endurance in the pelvic floor during a voluntary pelvic floor contraction in standing or crook-lying.  Furthermore, differences between males and females in each position were assessed.

45 nulliparous female and 20 male participants aged 23 years (SD=3) with no symptoms of urinary incontinence or low back pain.  Voluntary pelvic floor muscle contractions were measured with transabdominal ultrasound to assess displacement and endurance of elevation, in both standing and crook lying.

Displacement and endurance was found to be greater in standing than in crook lying, with no difference found in either between males and females.  Therefore the researchers conclude that standing is a more effective position for achieving and sustaining an elevation of the pelvic floor when compared with crook lying, regardless of gender.  This should be considered when assessing and training the pelvic floor muscles.

Australian Journal of Physiotherapy (2007) 53: 187-191

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