Clinical holistic medicine: pilot study on the effect of vaginal acupressure (Hippocratic pelvic massage)

Ventegodt, S., Clausen, B. and Merrick, J. (2006)

This pilot study considered a small cohort of 20 female patients with a long history of sexual problems (mean 8.2 years) who received vaginal acupuncture (VA) with qualitative and quantitative evaluation.  56% of patients experienced help, with no setbacks reported.  89% reported the treatment of high quality, and 89% rated it as valuable.

VA was found to be statistically and clinically significant to help patients with chronic genital pains, pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse, lack of desire or orgasm, and subjective sexual inefficiency.  Self reported physical and mental health was significantly improved for the total group, along with relationships with partners, subjective sexual ability, and quality of life.

Although VA is technically a simple procedure corresponding to the explorative phase of the standard vaginal/pelvic examination, supplemented with the patient's report on the feelings provoked.  The ethical and consent issues surrounding this technique are, however, quite complex and due considerations must be made to local and national legislation.

The Scientific World Journal (2006) 6: 2100-2116

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