Factors affecting adherence to progressive resistance exercise for persons with COPD.

O'Shea S, Taylor N, Paratz J

Background: The purpose of this investigation was to explore adherence factors to a progressive resistance exercise programme for persons with COPD.

Method: Participants were enrolled in a twelve week trial of progressive resistance exercises and were invited to attend two semi-structured, qualitative interviews exploring adherence. Interviews were audio taped, transcribed and then coded independently by two researchers.

Results: Twenty-two participants were interviewed after the twelve week intervention and nineteen completed a second interview at twenty-four weeks. Short term exercise adherence was facilitated by expected outcomes, motivation, group support and supervision, health and weather factors were the main barriers to adherence.

Conclusion: The provision of external support in training programme design appears important for persons with COPD. Longer term adherence declined when group support and regular monitoring by a therapist was removed, despite the major perceived exercise barriers remaining unchanged.

Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, 2007, 27(3): 166-174

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