The effectiveness of imagery on pain, edema, and range of motion in athletes with a grade II ankle sprain

A Christakou and Y Zervas

The aim of this research was to examine the effect of imagery on pain, oedema and range of movement (RoM) in athletes who have sustained a GII ankle sprain.  The sample consisted of 18 male athletes aged 18-30, all had a GII sprain confirmed by an ultrasound scan.  The sample was randomly assigned to an intervention group (relaxation and imagery) or a control group.  The intervention group received 12 individual sessions of imagery rehersal in addition to normal physiotherapy.  The control group receieved only normal physiotherapy.  Pain, oedema and RoM were measured using VAS, water-displacement and goniometry respectively.  The results showed no significant difference in results between the 2 groups.  The authors concluded that further research is required in this area.

Physical Therapy in Sport, 2007, 8,3 130-140

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