A randomised study of the effects of massage therapy compared to guided relaxation on well-being and stress perception among older adults

Sharpe, P.A., Williams, H.G., Granner, M.L. and Hussey, J.R.

This study assessed the effects of massage when compared with guided relaxation on stress perception and well-being among older adults.  The study was a randomised pilot study, which recruited adults over the age of 60.  The participants received 50 minute sessions twice weekly of either massage therapy or guided relaxation sessions, with questionnaires administered 1 week pre test and post test (following the last session).

Significant improvements were found for anxiety, depression, vitality, general health and positive well being among the massage participants compared with the guided relaxation group.  This would suggest that massage therapy enhances positive well-being and reduces stress perception among community-dwelling older adults.


Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2007) 15:3 157-163

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