Regional myofascial pain: diagnosis and management

Mike Cummings

This article defines and describes the condition that is known by the term myofascial trigger point pain syndrome. An outline is given of the current state of knowledge of the pathophysiology of myofascial trigger points, including the latest details from needle microdialysis in near real-time. The clinical features of this pain syndrome are summarised in general terms and the reliability of the clinical diagnosis is discussed.
The clinical evidence for and against the common therapeutic interventions used in the management of myofascial pain is reviewed in detail and some tentative conclusions are reached with respect to needling therapies.

Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology, 2007, 21(2), 367-387.

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Neck Pain

Out of all 291 conditions studied in the Global Burden of Disease 2010 Study, neck pain ranked 4th highest in terms of disability and 21st in terms of overall burden.

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