Eccentric training in Achilles tendinopathy: is it harmful to tendon microcirculation?

K Knobloch

Eccentric training has been shown to reduce pain and gain function in patients with chronic Achilles tendinopathy (AT).  This study aimed to investigate the potential adverse effects of eccentric training on microcirculation. Fifty-nine patients with AT were prospectively enrolled giving a sample of 64 Achilles.  Baseline microcirculation was measured using a laser doppler system for cappillary blood flow, tissue oxygen saturation and postcapillary venous filling pressure.  A 12-week daily eccentric training programme was initiated.  The results at 12 weeks showed no adverse effects for any of the parametres.  The authors concluded that eccentric training for AT is safe and has beneficial effects on the microcirculation of the Achilles tendon with no adverse effects.

British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007, 41, 6, e2

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