Extracorporeal shockwave for chronic patellar tendinopathy

C Wang, J Ko, Y Chan, L Weng and S Hsu.

This randomised controlled trial investigated the effects of shockwave therapy on patellar tendinopathy.  Subjects were randomly allocated into one of two groups.  The control group (n=23) were treated with conservative interventions including NSAIDs, Physiotherapy, exercises and a knee strap.  The experimental group (n=27)received one single dose of shockwave therapy.  The outcome measures were pain, VISA and ultrasound.  Follow-up was at 1,3,6 and 12 months then annually after that.  The results showed that the experimental group improved more than the control group and that the rate of recurrence was significantly less in the experimental group.  Ultrasound showed increased vascularity and reduced thickness in the experimental group.  The authors concluded that shockwave therapy may be more effective and safer than conservative managment.

American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007, 35, 972-978

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