Continued Sports Activity, Using a Pain-Monitoring Model, During Rehabilitation in Patients With Achilles Tendinopathy

K Silbernagel, R Thomee, B Eriksson and J Karlsson.

The aim of this study was to prospectively evaluate if continued running and jumping during rehabilitation has an effect on the outcome for patients with Achilles tendinopathy (AT).  This RCT involved 38 patients with AT, subjects were randomly allocated to two groups.  The exercise training group (n=19) were allowed to continue running and jumping, whereas the active rest group (n=19) had to stop such activites for 6 weeks.  Both groups received the same rehabilitation intervention, the primary outcome measure was the VISA-A-S.  The results showed no significant difference in the rate of improvement between groups.  Both groups showed an improvement compared to their base-line measurement.  The authors concluded that no negative effects could be demonstated from continuing running and jumping during rehabilitation.  They also concluded that their rehabilitation program for patients with AT was successful.

American Journal of Sports Medicine, 2007, 35, 897-906

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