Use of Groups in Pediatric Physical Therapy: Survey of Current Practices

Alyssa C. LaForme Fiss & Susan K. Effgen

This study looked at current practices within paediatric physiotherapy; specifically in the use of groups. The authors examined financial considerations, effectiveness and characteristics of these groups.  Questionnaires were sent out to 500 randomly selected members of the American Physical Therapy Section on Pediatrics and those who responded commented on characteristics of children typically included in group intervention, the types of activities used, their effectiveness at meeting goals, billing methods and documentation practices.

The authors had a response rate of 57%, with 41.4% reporting the use of groups in practice. There were also variable comments on the characteristics of group intervention among respondents, for example, commonly reported characteristics included use of small groups of young children with developmental delay and use of task specific developmental activities. Considerable differences in billing practices and perceived effectiveness were noted, with benefits and limitations of group intervention also being reported.

Implications for further research into the use of groups were explored and it is usggested that further research is conducted into this area.

Pediatric Physical Therapy, 2007 19(2):154-159

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