Relationship of limb length inequality with radiographic knee and hip osteoarthritis

Y.M. Golightly, K.D. Allen, J.B. Renner, C.G. Helmick, A. Salazar and J.M. Jordan

This study examined the relationship of limb length inequality (LLI) with radiographic hip and knee osteoarthritis (OA) in a large, community-based sample.  The total study group comprised 926 participants with radiographic knee OA, 796 with radiographic hip OA, and 210 (6.6%) with LLI ?2 cm. The presence of radiographic OA was defined as Kellgren/Lawrence (K/L) grade ?2. Multiple logistic regression models were used to examine the relationship of LLI with hip and knee OA, while controlling for age, gender, race, body mass index, and history of hip or knee problems (joint injury, fracture, surgery, or congenital anomalies).The results showed that LLI was associated with radiographic knee OA, controlling for other important variables.

Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, 2007, 15(7), 824-829

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