A brief pain management program compared with physical therapy for low back pain: Results from an economic analysis alongside a randomized clinical trial

D. G. T. Whitehurst, M. Lewis, G. L. Yao, S. Bryan, J. P. Raftery, R. Mullis, E. M. Hay

This study assessed the cost utility and cost effectiveness of a brief pain management program (BPM) targeting psychosocial factors compared with physical therapy (PT) for primary care patients with low back pain of <12 weeks' duration.  A total of 402 patients were randomly assigned to BPM or PT.  The authors concluded that PT is a cost-effective primary care management strategy for low back pain. However, the absence of a clinically superior treatment program raises the possibility that BPM could provide an additional primary care approach, administered in fewer sessions, allowing patient and doctor preferences to be considered.

Arthritis Care & Research, Volume 57, Issue 3 , Pages 466 – 473

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