Arthrokinematics in a Subgroup of Patients Likely to Benefit From a Lumbar Stabilization Exercise Program

Deydre S Teyhen, Timothy W Flynn, John D Childs andLawrence D Abraham

A clinical prediction rule (CPR) has been reported to identify patients with low back pain who are likely to benefit from stabilization exercises. The aim of this study was to characterize the spinal motion, using digital fluoroscopic video, of a subgroup of subjects with low back pain.  Twenty subjects who were positive on the CPR were compared with 20 control subjects who were healthy.  The magnitude and timing of lumbar sagittal-plane intersegmental angular and linear displacement were assessed. Receiver operating characteristic curves and accuracy statistics were used to develop a kinematic model.The authors report that the findings suggest that individuals with mid-range aberrant motion without signs of hypermobility are likely to benefit from these exercises. The developed model describes altered kinematics of this subgroup of subjects and helps to provide construct validity for the developed CPR.

Physical Therapy, Vol. 87, No. 3, March 2007, pp. 313-325

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