Cranio-cervical flexor muscle impairment at maximal, moderate, and low loads is a feature of neck pain

Shaun O’Leary, Gwendolen Jull, Mehwa Kim and Bill Vicenzino

The aim of this study was to investigate if CCF muscle impairment is present over a range of contraction intensities (maximal, moderate, low) in neck pain sufferers compared to individuals with no history of neck pain. Compared to the control group, the neck pain group had a significant deficit in their maximal velocity contraction (MVC) peak torque recordings, as well as a significantly reduced capacity to sustain isometric CCF muscle contractions to task failure. Neck pain participants also demonstrated poorer accuracy in maintaining their MVC contraction at the nominated isometric CCF torque amplitude, compared to control participants. It would appear that impairment in isometric CCF muscle performance exists over a range of contraction intensities in neck pain sufferers, which may benefit from specific therapeutic intervention.

Manual Therapy, Volume 12, Issue 1, February 2007, Pages 34-39

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