Segmental lumbar mobility in individuals with low back pain: In vivo assessment during manual and self-imposed motion using dynamic MRI

Kornelia Kulig, Christopher M Powers, Robert F Landel, Hungwen Chen, Michael Fredericson, Marc Guillet and Kim Butts

The purpose of this study was to compare lumbar segmental mobility in asymptomatic and symptomatic subjects during posterior to anterior (PA) spinal mobilization and a prone press-up (PU) maneuver. We hypothesized that persons with central low back pain would have an altered lumbar segmental mobility pattern compared to those without pain. Forty-five individuals  with non-specific low back pain and 20 persons without low back pain participated. Each subject underwent dynamic imaging of the lumbar spine during a PA mobilization procedure and while performing a PU. Segmental motion was quantified as the change in the intervertebral angle between the resting and end-range vertebral positions.The results showed that there was no significant between-group difference in segmental angular displacement during the PA or PU. However, the symptomatic group had a larger percentage of subjects with evidence of single level segmental hypermobility than the asymptomatic group during the PA  and PU procedures.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2007, 8:8

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