Relationship Between the Duration and Severity of Symptoms and the Outcome of Carpal Tunnel Surgery

D. Burke, E. Shaw-Wiglis, N. Dubin, M. Bradley and S. Sinha

There is conflicting evidence as to whether there is a link between symptom severity and duration and outcome in carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).  The aim of theis study was to investigate whether there is a relationship.  At 2 centres (One in USA one in UK) 523 hands had a follow-up evaluation after surgery.  They documented symptoms, time of onset, duration, prior tratment and medical history.  Each subject had a physical examination and comleted the Levine-Katz questionnaire.  The results showed that symptom duration was not associated with post-surgery outcome.  The authors concluded that preoperative symptom duration does not affect the outcome of surgery for patients with CTS.

The Journal of Hand Surgery (2006), 31(9), 1478-82

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