Results of Surgical Treatment of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

J. Jerosch, J. Schunck and A. Khoja

The purpose of this study was to present the results of surgical treatment of patients with tarsal tunnel syndrome.  In 75 patients 77 decompressions of the tarsal tunnel were performed.  All patients had been treated conservatively for at least 6 monthd prior to surgery.  The outcome measures used were pain at rest, pain during walking, weakness and a modified AOFAS forefoot score.  The average point of follow up was 39 months post surgery.  Only 43 out of 75 patients were subjectively satisfied and would undergo the procedure again.  Pain at rest had decreased in 53 patients but pain on walking had only decreased in 22 cases.  The authors concluded that surgical decompression of the tibial nerve did not lead to good results in all cases.  Therefore indications for surgery should be handled with strong restriction.

Foot and Ankle Surgery, 2006, 12(4), 205-208

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