The anatomical site of constriction of the median nerve in patients with severe idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome

M.M Al-Qattan

During open carpal tunnel release in patients with severe idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome, an area of constriction in the substance of the median nerve is frequently noted. In a prospective study of 30 patients, the central point of the constricted part of the nerve was determined intraoperatively and found to be, on average, 2.5 (range 2.2–2.8) cm from the distal wrist crease. This point always corresponded to the location of the hook of the hamate bone. These intraoperative findings were compared with the “narrowest” point of the carpal canal as determined by anatomical and radiological studies in the literature.

The Journal of Hand Surgery: Journal of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, Volume 31, Issue 6, December 2006, Pages 608-610

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