Predictors for the immediate responders to cervical manipulation in patients with neck pain

Yuh-Liang Tseng, Wendy T.J. Wang, Wen-Yin Chen, Tsun-Jen Hou, Tzu-Ching Chen and Fu-Kong Lieu

The purpose of the study was to identify predictors for the immediate responders to cervical manipulation treatment in patients with neck pain. One hundred patients with neck pain participated in the study. After receiving a single session of cervical manipulation, the patient was assessed immediately to determine if a successful response to treatment was obtained. Patients were then classified into either responders or nonresponders to the cervical manipulation. Univariate analyses were used to assess if the treatment responders and nonresponders were different in their clinical presentations. The authors concluded that using favourable predictors to identify treatment responders before administering cervical manipulations could significantly increase the probabilities of a successful treatment. This study finding may enhance the efficacy of clinical decision-making in using cervical manipulation intervention.

Manual Therapy, Volume 11, Issue 4, November 2006, Pages 306-315

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