Arthroscopic Versus Open Shoulder Stabilization for Recurrent Anterior Instability

Craig Bottoni, Eric Smith, Mark Berkowitz, Robert Towle and Joseph Moore

Arthroscopic stabilization for anterior shoulder instability has been reported to result in a higher rate of recurrence compared to open techniques.  This randomized controlled trial compares outcomes following arthroscopic and open surgical techniques.  Sixty four patients were randomly allocated into either an arthroscopic group or an open surgery group.  All procedures were performed by a single surgeon.  The post-operative outcome measures included range of movement, stability and subjective evaluations.  The results showed statistically significant improvement in both groups with the subjective evaluation.  The arthroscopic group showed greater ranger of movement.  The authors concluded that clinical outcomes following arthroscopic and open stabilization were comparable.

The American journal of Sports Medicine 34:1730-1737 (2006)

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