Quadriceps Contusions: Clinical Results of Immediate Immobilisation in 120 Degrees of Knee Flexion

John Aronen, James Garrick, Raymond Chronister and Edward McDevitt

Quadriceps injury can result in pain and dysfunction in the short-term and myositis ossificans long-term.  This study aimed to investigate the effects of a new treatment regime on quadriceps contusions.  The study was a prosective case series, the participants were midshipmen who sustained quadriceps contusions in the given time frame.  On diagnosis of the contusion the knee was painlessly flexed to 120 degrees and held in that position for 24 hours.  The brace was discarded at 24 hours and the participants were intstructed to continue quadriceps stretches and begin strengthening exercises as soon as possible.  The main outcome measure was the average time from injury to unrestricted full athletic activity.  The results showed that the mean time to return to full athletic activity was 3.5 days.  In the long term follow up at 6 months X-ray revealed one case of myositis ossificans.  Authors concluded that the outcomes with this regime were favourable when compared to other treatment regimes.

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine.  16(5):383-387, September 2006

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