Ultrasonographic Examination for Inversion Ankle Sprains Associated with Osseous Injuries.

Hsu, Chih-Chin MD, PhD; Tsai, Wen-Chung MD, PhD; Chen, Carl P.C. MD; Chen, Max Jin-Lung MD; Tang, Simon Fuk-Tan MD; Shih, Linna MD

The study attempted to evaluate the value of ultrasonography in determining the therapeutic strategy for patients with osseous injuries caused by ankle sprains.  A 10-MHz compact linear-array ultrasound transducer was used to assess patients with inversion ankle sprains.  23 patients were detected to have fractures and were included in the study. They underwent radiographic examination for identification of fractures and bone scintigraphy was performed for those who had negative x-ray findings.  All of those included in the study had fractures which were detected by ultrasonography and then proved even by radiography or by bone scans. The authors conclude that ultrasonography is valuable in evaluating tiny foot and ankle fractures and coexistent soft tissue injuries. It can guide the treatment for patients with osseous injuries caused by ankle sprains.

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.    85(10):785-792, October 2006.

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