A prospective cohort study of arm pain in primary care and physiotherapy–prognostic determinants

C. Ryall, D. Coggon, R. Peveler, J. Poole,  and K. T. Palmer

The objective of this study was to investigate outcome and prognostic determinants for arm pain presenting to primary care and physiotherapy services.  Patients with arm pain were recruited as they presented to primary care and physiotherapy services, and were followed for 12 months. The results showed that 83% of 375 subjects completed follow-up, including 53% with ‘continuing’ and 24% with ‘unremitting’ pain. The authors conclude that arm pain often persists in patients who consult medical services. Predictors of persistence include male sex (elbow only), frequency of pain at baseline, chronic pain at other sites and smoking.

Rheumatology Advance Access published online on September 14, 2006

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