The evolution of osteoarthritis in 103 patients with ACL reconstruction at 17 years follow-up

T. Aït Si Selmi, D. Fithian and P. Neyret

This evaluated the functional and radiological outcome of a bone–tendon–bone anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, at long-term follow-up.  A retrospective study of 148 patients, of which 103 were available for long-term follow-up and 89 underwent complete functional and radiological evaluation.  Onset of osteoarthritis showed an association with the status of the medial meniscus. Knees with a preserved (healthy or sutured) medial meniscus had a significantly better radiological outcome. Medial meniscectomy, residual laxity, and femoral chondral defects were associated with osteoarthritis.

The Knee, Volume 13, Issue 5, October 2006, Pages 353-358

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