Use of Pulsed Shortwave Diathermy and Joint Mobilization to Increase Ankle Range of Motion in the Presence of Surgical Implanted Metal: A Case Series

Cindy Seiger, David O. Draper

This study investigated whether ankle range of motion (ROM) could improve with the cautious use ofpulsed shortwave diathermy (PSWD) and joint mobilizations, despite orthopaedic metal implants being in the treatment field.  The results showed that Dorsiflexion improved 15°, 15°, 10°, and 14°, respectively, after 8 or 13 visits, all patients returned to normal activities with functional ROM in all planes, follow-up 4 to 6 weeks later indicated that the subjects maintained 78% to 100% of their dorsiflexion and no discomfort was reported during or after treatment. The asuthors therefore conclude that when applied with appropriate caution PSWD (48 W) may be an appropriate adjunct to joint mobilizations to increase ROM in peripheral joints, despite implanted metal.

Journal of Orthopaedic Sports Physical Therapy, 2006, 36(9):669-677.

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