Efficiency of immediate postoperative inpatient physical therapy following total knee arthroplasty: an RCT

Anton F Lenssen , Yvonne HF Crijns , Eddie MH Waltje , Mike JA van Steyn , Ruud GT Geesink , Piet A van den Brandt  and Rob A de Bie

The purpose of this study was to determine whether the intensity of PT (once versus twice daily) following TKA affects short-term recovery.  A randomised controlled trial compared an exercise regimen of two sessions per day with a similar programme administered once daily. Primary outcome measure was ROM.  The results showed that at the time of hospital discharge, there was no difference between the experimental and  control groups in range of motion.  The authors conclude that in their setting twice daily PT sessions do not produce different results as daily PT sessions. It may be questioned whether multiple daily therapy sessions are needed as an in-hospital PT regimen in OA total knee patients.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorder 2006, 7:71, online

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