Physiotherapy rehabilitation in patients with massive, irreparable rotator cuff tears

Roberta Ainsworth, FSCP SRP MSc BA (Hons)

Work has been ongoing at Torbay Hospital, Devon since 2000 to develop an exercise programme for the management of people with massive rotator cuff tears. This programme has been evaluated in a pilot study and a further randomised controlled trial is currently taking place. This paper discusses the background to the development of the rehabilitation programme, the programme itself and the results of the pilot study, which was an evaluation of the rehabilitation programme.  The author concludes that as all 10 patients showed improved scores on the Oxford Shoulder Disability Questionnaire and their pain and function to have improved over the three-month period.  In spite of the long-standing nature of many of their shoulder problems this rehabilitation programme was shown to improve shoulder function in this group of patients. 

Musculoskeletal Care, Volume 4, Issue 3, Pages 140 – 151

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