Reliability of a Functional Clinical Test Battery Evaluating Postural Control, Proprioception and Trunk Muscle Activity.

Stevens, Veerle K. PT; Bouche, Katie G. MD, PT; Mahieu, Nele N. PT; Cambier, Dirk C. PT, PhD; Vanderstraeten, Guy G. MD, PhD; Danneels, Lieven

The purpose of this study was to examine the repeatability and reproducibility of the different tests of a clinical test battery evaluating the components of functional spinal stability: postural control (sway velocity data), proprioception (repositioning error), and muscle activation (electromyographic data).  The results show that the functional clinical test battery investigated in this study proved to be a reliable tool in the assessment of healthy subjects and the evaluation of postural control, proprioception, and muscle activity (coordination, stabilization, maximal voluntary isometric contraction, endurance, and flexion-relaxation) showed good to excellent repeatability and reproducibility. The authors conclude that further analysis of the reliability of these variables in a clinical setting, particularly in patients with low back pain, seems appropriate.

American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.    85(9):727-736, September 2006.

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