Strength and mobility of the neck-shoulder region in adolescent headache

Airi Oksanen, Liisa Metsähonkala , Suvi Viander , Eija Jäppilä, Minna Aromaa, Pirjo Anttila, Jouko Salminen, Matti Sillanpää

The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between different types of headache and the strength and mobility of the neck-shoulder region in 13-year-old schoolchildren. A structured questionnaire on headache was sent to all 1,409 children of which a sample from different headache groups was randomly selected for clinical examination. Dynamic muscle strength of the upper extremities, mobility of both shoulders, and the cervical range of motion were measured. The results sascertained that there is an interesting association between the function of the neck-shoulder region and headache complaints in adolescents girls.

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, Volume 22, Number 4, 163 – 174

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