A Prospective, Randomized Clinical Investigation of the Treatment of First-Time Ankle Sprains

Bruce D. Beynnon, PhD, Per A. Renström, MD, PhD, Larry Haugh, PhD, Benjamin S. Uh, MD and Howard Barker, MD

Acute ankle ligament sprains are treated with the use of controlled mobilization with protection provided by external support, however, there is little information regarding the best type of external support to use. This study tested the hypothesis that there is no difference between elastic wrapping, bracing, bracing combined with elastic wrapping, and casting for treatment of acute, first-time ankle ligament sprains in terms of the time a patient requires to return to normal function.  The authors conclude that treatment of first-time grade I and II ankle ligament sprains with the Air-Stirrup brace combined with an elastic wrap provides earlier return to preinjury function compared to use of the Air-Stirrup brace alone, an elastic wrap alone, or a walking cast for 10 days.

The American Journal of Sports Medicine 34:1401-1412 (2006)

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