Manual Examination of the Spine: A Systematic Critical Literature Review of Reproducibility

Mette Jensen Stochkendahl, Henrik Wulff Christensen , Jan Hartvigsen, Werner Vach, Mitchell Haas , Lise Hestbaek, Alan Adams and Gert Bronfort 

This article critically analyzes the literature pertaining to the inter- and intraobserver reproducibility of spinal palpation to investigate the consistency of study results and assess the level of evidence for reproducibility.  The results showed that there was strong evidence that the interobserver reproducibility of osseous and soft tissue pain is clinically acceptable and that intraobserver reproducibility of soft tissue pain and global assessment are clinically acceptable. Other spinal procedures are either not reproducible or the evidence is conflicting or preliminary.

Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Volume 29, Issue 6, July-August 2006, Page 475

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