Hydrocortisone/local anaesthetic injection versus ultrasound in the diagnosis of interdigital neuroma

Nikiforos Pandelis Saragas

It is generally accepted that an interdigital neuroma (Morton's neuroma) is a clinical diagnosis. If the diagnosis is equivocal, other investigations such as ultrasound (US), MRI Scan, a local anaesthetic with or without hydrocortisone or electromyographic nerve conduction studies can be used.  The aim of this retrospective study is to compare the accuracy of ultrasound versus a “cocktail” of hydrocortisone (HCI)/local anaesthetic injection (LAI), as an adjuvant investigation in the diagnosis of interdigital neuroma. The results showed that both these investigations are excellent in confirming an interdigital neuroma.

Foot and Ankle Surgery,  Volume 12, Issue 3,  2006, Pages 149-151

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