Active Involvement and Intervention in Patients Exposed to Whiplash Trauma in Automobile Crashes Reduces Costs: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical Trial and Health Economic Evaluation.

Rosenfeld M, Seferiadis A, Gunnarsson R.

This study examines and compares the costs and consequences in a partial economic evaluation of two interventions in patients exposed to whiplash trauma in automobile crashes. The interventions were an active involvement and early mobilization versus a standard intervention of rest, short-term immobilization in a cervical collar and a gradual self-exercise program.  The authors stated that the costs were significantly lower after 6 and 36 months with an active involvement and intervention as compared with the standard cautious intervention, and the active involvement and intervention were significantly superior in reducing experienced pain and reducing sick leave.  They concluded that for patients exposed to whiplash trauma in a motor vehicle collision, an active involvement and intervention were both less costly and more effective than a standard intervention.

Spine.    31(16):1799-1804, July 15, 2006.

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