The cost-effectiveness of TheraBite® as treatment for acute myogenic temporomandibular disorder.

The cost-effectiveness of TheraBite® as treatment for acute myogenic temporomandibular disorder.

Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a very common and costly pain problem concerning the temporomandibular joint. A previous study has shown that for the treatment of acute myogenic TMD, TheraBite® (TB) offers a faster and greater effect than usual care consisting of physical therapy (PT). This study estimates the cost-effectiveness of TB compared to PT.

The point estimate for the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio is -28,068 EUR (-30,191 USD) per QALY (dominant) for TB versus PT. At the willingness-to-pay ratio of 20,000 EUR (21,513 USD) per QALY, TB has a 97% probability of being cost-effective compared to PT.

TB is expected to be cost-effective compared to PT for the treatment of acute myogenic TMD, offering faster recovery of quality of life for patients, at a lower cost to society.

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  1. Rikki Stricker says:

    Hallo Scott: The hypothesis of this article seems to be that “physical therapy” in the CmD field is pretty cost – intensive…Well,all is relative when it comes to money, BUT what I can point out is that – I am specialised in TMJ disorders since over 10 years ( and I do nothing else than treating patients from this field) and the outcome after treatment – the decrease of pain, disorders and the restriction in ADL when it comes to eating/swallowing/eating/ etc. is great: I see my patient usually 6-10 times ( means 1 hour/week ), severe and longer histories/diagnoses/compliance of the patient may need another 6 ( or ten) treatments – that´s it! – SO we are talking about around 1000- 2000 Euros MAXIMUM… long term effects are great – I ask my patients to give a feedback after half a year and almost nobody comes back for more MANUAL THERAPY! As i cannot read the full article, I cannot judge what is meant with physical therapy – if it means manual therapy is included or not…would be interesting to me – Rikki

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