Cerebral Palsy Course is Worth 20 CCUs in the USA!

Cerebral Palsy Course is Worth 20 CCUs in the USA!

The Cerebral Palsy Course, which was developed with the ICRC, is available for FREE in the trial area of PP+.

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Over 8 weeks in September and October 2016 Physiopedia, in collaboration with the International Committee of the Red Cross, delivered it’s fifth Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on the topic of Cerebral Palsy (CP). 14,010 participants formally registered for the Managing Children with Cerebral Palsy course, this represented 179 countries and 84% were physiotherapists.

As if this wasn’t enough, things are getting bigger thanks to ProCert. 

ProCert is a comprehensive continuing competence certification programme which awards CCUs based on the quality of the learning content.  Over two years, The Federation of State Board of Physical Therapy (FSBPT), requires that you gain 30 CCUs to ensure you are still learning and developing as a clinician. A Whopping 2/3’s of the required CCUs can be gained by taking part in the CP course in your own time.

The course was a great success when it was released and it is now available to be completed at any time within PP+. The course outcomes were great and the evaluation forms after participants finished says it all.

This course changed the entire approach towards CP, not only for me but with the application in clinical setting, also for my colleagues. I got to learn not about the treatment through material but with videos and practical approaches in different countries. Especially the discussion forum really helped where different physiotherapists from all  around the world shared their experiences.

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Cerebral Palsy Course

Learn more with the Cerebral Palsy Course only available to PP+ FULL and Trial members. Align your understanding with experts and help improve the lives of those with CP.
Scott BuxtonPhysiopedia news by: Scott Buxton

My name is Scott and I am currently the editor of physiospot.

Away from the keyboard I am extended scope physiotherapist working in ED and an acute frailty unit specialising in rapid assessment and discharge of acutely unwell frail older people.


  1. How to register for this course

  2. Scott Buxton Scott Buxton says:

    Hello KumKum,

    Please follow the link provided on the page.



  3. upender says:

    I am from india i would like to register for this course

  4. Anna Karsten says:

    How does it work for South Africans? I only see excitement for USA members…

  5. Scott Buxton Scott Buxton says:

    Please follow the link provided in the article to register for the course.


  6. Scott Buxton Scott Buxton says:

    Hi Anna,
    It is new excitement for our American colleagues. There is still excitement for South African’s too. It has already been accredited in SA.

    Managing Children with Cerebral Palsy Accreditation Number: PPB007/PT003/2017/001
    Total CEU’s: 24 CEU’s level 2

    I hope this helps!


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