PT Momentum – The exercise motivator

PhysioTools, the worlds leading rehabilitation exercise software, has released a new app that is free to use for PhysioTools Online users and their clients.  

The new PT Momentum mobile app encourages your clients to reach a daily exercise target and reminds them to exercise. Clear instructions, images and videos ensure your clients are doing their exercises correctly.  Your clients will love PT Momentum because they will have:

  • Clear view of their daily exercises on their mobile device
  • Ability to set a daily reminder
  • Increased motivation by following their own momentum
  • Automatic alerts about updated exercise programs
  • A calendar to check past and upcoming exercises

PT Momentum is easy to use.  Create an exercise set in PhysioTools Online as usual and when you save the set, it will be sent to the PT Momentum app.

About PhysioTools Online

PhysioTools Online offers a large selection of illustrations, photographs and videos for healthcare and fitness professionals working in rehabilitation and the sports industry.  You can use it from any device with internet access and it includes general exercises plus evidence based protocols and templates.

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Find out more about PhysioTools Online (subscribe to get the PT Momentum app for free!)

Read the PT Momentum user guide

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