Movement Health – What is it? And what is its role in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Movement health is highly topical right now as the leading lights in this field underline the need to consider movement professionals as lifespan practitioners as opposed to suppliers of quick fix solutions. Such a long term stance aligns with how movement is not only considered to be indicative of current health status but also how movement itself will influence overall health.

A recent publication titled “Movement Health” (McNeill & Blandford, 2015) expands this concept supplying a definition, ‘a desired state that is not only injury free and absent of the presence of uncontrolled movement but also a state that allows the exerciser to choose how to move.’

The individual possesses choice in how they achieve their movement outcomes as opposed to relying upon a limited or even single option. This variability in task achievement covers the span of intensities, durations and other demands of all movement throughout the day and into sporting activity.

This editorial explores Movement Health – What is it? And what is its role in injury prevention and rehabilitation.  What are your thoughts?


McNeill W, Blandford L. Movement Health. Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, 2015, 19, 150 -159

Lincoln BlandfordScreen Shot 2015-02-19 at 17.36.56 is Performance Development Consultant at The Performance Matrix and champions the need for an inclusive multi-disciplinary approach to assist in solving the often complex problems set by the movement system with regards to injury prevention.


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