Waterpipe Tobacco Smoking on a U.S. College Campus: Prevalence and Correlates

Eissenberg T., Ward K.D., Smith-Simone S., Maziak W.

This study looked at the prevalence of water pipe smoking and perceptions about smoking among college students. Of 744 participants surveyed 20% reported having smoked a water pipe in the last 30 days, while 41.5% had used cigarettes in the same period. Water pipes tended to be smoked by younger age students, with a lower perception of harmfulness or addictiveness compared to cigarette smoking. It was also thought to be more socially acceptable than cigarette smoking.

Clinical relevance: The startling numbers of 20% and 43.5% of water pipe or cigarette smoking indicate that the health profession is not impacting the use of tobacco products.

Journal of Adolescent Health 2008; 42: 526 – 529

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